StudyEmotions - Fast Track to Emotional Literacy

StudyEmotions brings you a learning opportunity that allows you to understand, reflect on and articulate your emotions more deeply.

Emotions are something we can learn “about” and something we can learn from the inside out. We can become comfortable with our own emotions and also with the emotions of others. We can learn that each emotion has a specific meaning or story to tell, that each emotion has a specific impulse or pre-disposition and each emotion exists for a purpose. In other words, emotions are not random and are actually quite logical.

What is Emotional Literacy?

Emotional Literacy gives us as many benefits as Linguistic Literacy. Traditional Literacy focuses on language, Emotional Literacy does the same with emotions. Literacy allows us to know more and think differently. Emotional Literacy allows us to understand what we are feeling and gives us a wider array of possible responses. Literacy allows us to understand how others are thinking, Emotional Literacy allows us to understand how others are feeling.

A high Emotional Quotient does not guarantee wise choices any more than a high IQ. You might think of Emotional Literacy as the practical application of our Emotional Intelligence.

Coaching and Emotions

Coaching to emotions is direct and powerful with the advantage of sustained change for your coachees. Imagine if you are working with a leader who lives in the mood of resignation. It means that the world they see does not have possibilities for them or their team. If that leader were to shift their mood to ambition they would see a world full of possibilities, make choices to pursue them and display and energy that was not available previously. This type of change make a profound difference in the efficacy of a leader.

Emotions and Leadership

Leadership of people is about understanding them and helping them to understand themselves. As a leader, it is your job to generate the emotions or mood, in you and your team, to accomplish the task at hand. Whether you are a corporate executive, entrepreneur, artist, teacher, doctor, lawyer or consultant, we can help you see the world differently and generate the desired results.

Emotional Literacy for Children, Parents and Teachers

Just as children are learning to build linguistic skills through spelling, reading and writing, they can build their emotional skills by understanding emotions, naming them and using them advantageously. We offer emotional learning as a facet of educating children, parents and teachers because they are intertwined, synergistic and represent the future.

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