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StudyEmotions brings you a social learning opportunity that allows you to understand, reflect on and articulate your emotions more deeply.

Why Precision Matters in Emotional Learning?

Being emotionally literate means that you listen to and can name your emotions. It means you understand them and use them as support tools. We are always experiencing an emotion and, at times, more than one. Each emotion gives us information which forms the basis of our decisions. Precision identifying the emotion we are experiencing is important if we want to make wise choices. Understanding the emotions others are experiencing is vital for effective interaction.

Emotional Literacy is the practical tool that allows us to put our emotional intelligence to work. Here are the 3 steps to emotional literacy.

Listen to the emotion(s) you are experiencing.

Reflecting on the message it has for you or the information it is communicating.

Learning to articulate it in a useful way.

Are you looking at developing your leadership and relational skills?

Most of our learning happens cognitively in the technical domain. While this is essential, another sphere of learning which is equally important is relational learning and the domain of emotions. This online course works through immersive learning or action learning and the promise is that if you employ the practices that we give you, you will become a better leader.

Deconstructing 250 Emotions in 3-Dimensions

Every emotion has a story, an impulse or predisposition and exists to support us. By joining this program, you will learn how to deconstruct emotions so that you benefit from the information they are offering, understand how you might choose to react or respond and the purpose of having the emotion in the first place. Emotions are neither random or vague. We can learn to identify them precisely and use them as a tool that helps us live a more satisfying life.

Are you a Coach? Enhance your Coaching by Integrating Emotions

We work with executive coaches and life coaches worldwide and help them enhance and enrich their coaching by viewing it through the lens of emotions. This learning program doesn’t just talk “about” emotions but teaches you to embrace, understand and become comfortable with your emotions and those of your coachees.  It presents a practical framework that supports coaches in the emotional territory. The result is that the coach learns a set of tools that make emotions available in every coaching interaction.

This program is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and by attending this program, you will be eligible to earn 18 CCE Units under Core Competency and 12 CCE units under the Resource Development categories for a total of 30.

What are the Benefits of Coaching to Emotions?

Coaching to emotions is direct and powerful with the advantage of sustained change for your coachees. Imagine if you are working with a leader who lives in the mood of resignation. It means that the world they see does not have possibilities for them or their team. If that leader were to shift their mood to ambition they would see a world full of possibilities, make choices to pursue them and display and energy that was not available previously. This type of change make a profound difference in the efficacy of a leader.

Mirko Kobiéla, Founder and Coach, Germany

“Coaching & Emotions takes to the next level what Daniel Goleman started with EQ. A must for coaches who want to tap into emotions as fuel for action”

Jill Meaux, MS, CPLP, People Development Expert, U.S.

“Coaching & Emotions has made the territory of “emotions” a less scary place to lead my clients and I’m blown away by the powerful shifts they experience”

Kim Ebinger, Ontological Coach, U.S.

“As a coach, I use the distinctions provided by Coaching & Emotions regularly to help clients and expand their emotional range, which leads to a more satisfying life”

Rafael García Monroy, Executive Coach, Mexico & Spain

“As a professional, husband and member of society, Coaching & Emotions has put an end to my long search of a practical and experiential path to emotional literacy”

Curtis Watkins, Master Certified Coach, U.S

Dan presents a simple, concise way of understanding emotions and offers the most comprehensive catalogue of emotions that I have ever come across

Elisa Canova, Executive Coach, U.S.

“Dan is an incredible coach and teacher who offers an amazing opportunity for learning and growth, personally and professionally”

Reiner Lomb, Author & Coach, U.S.

“Dan makes a broad spectrum of emotions easily available to coaches who would like to take a first step towards emotional literacy”

Nicoa Dunne, Coach, U.S.

“Coaching & Emotions opens the door to emotions as a powerful leadership resource to help all leaders have access to them in a safe, strategic manner”

Facilitated by Dan Newby, the Co-Author of "The Unopened Gift - A Primer in Emotional Literacy"

Dan is a Coach, Trainer and Author working with coaches and leaders worldwide. His background in education, 17 years as an ontological coach and 12 years delivering organizational and coach training have prepared him for this work. His roles have included working internationally as COO and CEO of Newfield Network considered one of the premier coaching schools globally where he was also a Senior Course Leader for 8 years. He has advanced training in ONTOLOGICAL COACHING and Somatic Coaching and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Dan’s particular area of interest is emotions and he is the co-author of a new book called “The Unopened Gift – A Primer in Emotional Literacy”. Dan has taught, presented and coached with leaders and organizations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Latin America and Jamaica. Born in the U.S., Dan currently lives in Barcelona and has lived in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of Europe.

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