Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, Coaching and Leadership

We can help you become fluent in emotions to interact freely with your children and other people in your life.

What we do

We can help you become fluent in emotions just like you are fluent in language(s).

Traditional Literacy focuses on language, Emotional Literacy does the same with emotions. Literacy allows us to know more and think differently. Emotional Literacy allows us to understand what we are feeling and gives us a wider array of possible responses. Literacy allows us to understand how others are thinking, Emotional Literacy allows us to understand how others are feeling.

Asynchronous Online Coaching

Work with our highly-experienced coaches in our Virtual Learning Environment to expand your awareness, practice every day, and track progress at your convenience.

Virtual Live 1-On-1 Coaching

Work with our expert coach individually through Zoom and discover the root emotions that are hindering your potential, so you can leverage them more effectively.

Virtual Live Group Coaching

Work with our masterful group coach and a cohort of participants to learn collaboratively using Zoom and our Virtual Learning Environment.

Our Programs


If you want to help your child grow emotionally, the first place to begin is developing your own emotional knowledge. Join our 30-day practice program and gift your children the power of emotional intelligence to shape their future.  


If you want to coach people and resolve their challenges, working with their emotions can be particularly effective because many people are not emotionally literate. Most have difficulty articulating what they feel as an emotion. This means there is an opportunity for you to grow your coaching skills. This program will also help you work with parents, children, leaders, or any person develop their emotional competence.


Are you interested in elevating your emotional awareness and integrating them into your leadership in a practical way? Our leadership development program can help you. You will work with a palette of 250 emotions which lays the foundation for your emotional intelligence and will build specific skill sets such as agility, innovation, collaboration, resilience, decision-making, and self-care.

why we do it

We can help you learn emotions intentionally

Every day, neuroscience and studies are helping us better understand the role emotions play in our lives and success and how we can measure and develop them. It turns out that emotions can be learned and each of us has been learning them all our lives. If that were not true, we would have the same emotional maturity we did when we were babies. Whether you are a parent, teacher, coach or a leader, we can help you master emotional literacy.


What they say



Personally, my biggest gain was to understand the stories behind emotions and what message they give me about myself.



I learned how to read, learn and recognize emotions, and showed me the importance of developing trust on a deeper level.

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