Practical EQ Skills for Coaches, Leaders and Organizations

We educate coaches, leaders, and talent development professionals to develop practice-based Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills.

We work with coaches worldwide and help them enhance and enrich their coaching by viewing it through the lens of emotions. Coaching to emotions is direct and powerful with the advantage of sustained change for coachees.

We also help organizations and leaders develop key leadership skills such as agility, innovation, collaboration, resilience, decision-making, and self-care required to navigate today’s rapidly changing and complex business environments.


We have developed the EQ Skills Development Model for coaches, leaders, and talent management professionals to develop emotional intelligence practically. This proven model is the result of our team’s twenty plus years of experience in training and coaching in the domain of emotions.

A flexible EQ development model to work post-assessment or without an assessment.

Our model allows you to choose training or coaching or a blend of the two as your learning strategy because it can be used to generate a high degree of self-awareness while at the same time resolving a coachee’s specific breakdown. Our learning modules cover a palette of 250 emotions, and the in-depth learning of those emotions is guaranteed to elevate coachees’ self-awareness. When working with a coachee’s breakdown, our model will help the coach investigate the source of the breakdown more deeply, help the coachee identify the emotions challenging them and shift to the emotions that will of help.


Emotions-Centered Coaching™ is a methodology that focuses on a coachee’s emotions and emotional understanding. It does not preclude language or somatics but uses emotions as a central focus. Working with emotions can be particularly effective because many people are not emotionally literate. Most have difficulty articulating what they feel as an emotion. This means there is an opportunity to explore together. That exploration not only can resolve the coachee’s current challenge but, also, help them develop emotional competence.

  • Emotions-Centered Coaching
  • ICF Approved Online Course (Earn Up to 30 CCEUs)
  • 6 hours of Group Mentor Coaching
  • Self-Awareness Development for Coaches


Are you interested in elevating your EQ skills and integrating them into your leadership in a practical way? Our leadership development program can help you. You will work with a palette of 250 emotions which lays the foundation for your EQ skills and will build specific skill sets such as agility, innovation, collaboration, resilience, decision-making, and self-care. This program is different because it blends both training and coaching methodologies and elevates emotional literacy and EQ at the same time. With this approach, you will resolve your specific leadership challenges and become more emotionally aware and competent at the same time. Here is a list of our offers to leaders.

  • 6 -Month EQ Coaching (Virtual)
  • Ontological Leadership Development
  • Leadership 4.0 Readiness for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • In-Person Workshops and Self-Awareness Development for Teams


If you are involved in developing your employees’ EQ competency, we offer a range of products and services that can help you maximize your EQ development initiatives. Whether you are using an EQ assessment or personality profiling tool, our offer will complement them because of our focus on learning emotions and developing EQ skills. Whether it is elevating self-awareness through the development of emotional literacy, enhancing team performance through group coaching or resolving a leader’s specific challenges, we have a solution. All our offerings are scalable through a combination of in-person, online or blended learning programs. We can coach your senior leaders or train your internal coaches to be competent to work with emotions comfortably. Here is a list of our offers to organizations.

  • EQ Coaching Skills for Talent Development Professionals and Coaches
  • Post-Assessment EQ Coaching for Leaders and Teams
  • Custom In-Person Workshops for Leaders and Teams
  • E-Learning Courses for EQ Skills Development

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