Do You Want a Practical Toolkit to Help Your Child Navigate Their Challenges?

Our Emotions-Centered Parenting Toolkit has everything you need to help your child identify and navigate the emotions underlying their challenges.

Disciplining vs. Influencing Your Child

We all have tried many possibilities to discipline our children. Punishing, rewarding, threatening, yelling, and what else? Sometimes they work and sometimes not. Why? Because, they are based on the power and authority we have as a parent and the reality is that none of us are in full control of our others' behavior including our children. How about influencing your child instead to make wise choices on their own? Apart from being their role model, what possibilities do you have as a parent to empower your child? 

A Simple Approach to Develop Your Coaching Skills to Empower Your Child 

Many people have a misconception that coaching is only confined to professional coaching. It is true that coaches are trained professionally but the principles of coaching are universal and can be applied in a variety of situations including parenting. 

Coaching is essentially a conversation or a series of conversations to help someone non-judgmentally to change their perspectives and maximize their potential. Coaching is different from directing your child to do things in a certain way. It is also different from sharing information by advising, mentoring or teaching your child. Our Emotions-Centered Parenting Toolkit is a resource for you to develop your coaching skills in a simple, and practical way.

Emotions as a Parenting Tool to Help Your Child Solve Their Problems.

When talking about children's emotions, what usually comes to our mind are their tantrums, hugs, and hyperactivity. Emotions are much more than that and are the energy that moves us. Everything we do in life (and not do) are the impulses of one or more emotions.

When children are faced with problems, parents usually ask them "why" to find the reason and solve their problems. However, there are also many emotions underlying their problems and navigating them is equally important if you want a sustainable solution to their problems. None of us are not in control of all the external events limiting our potential but we all have the power to take charge of our emotions and move forward without getting hooked by those events. 

How Our Toolkit Can Help You Become an Emotions-Centered Coach For Your Child?

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Understanding Emotions

Emotional Literacy


Noticing Emotions

Active Listening


Navigating Emotions

Perspectives, Action Plan, Accountability

The Feature Highlights


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Use this section to describe the most important benefit of your product and make sure to describe it in such a way that it's clear who the ideal customer or user for this product is.


Use this section to describe the most important benefit of your product and make sure to describe it in such a way that it's clear who the ideal customer or user for this product is.


Use this section to describe the most important benefit of your product and make sure to describe it in such a way that it's clear who the ideal customer or user for this product is.


Strengthening emotions is like building muscles; daily practice is the path to positive impact. The good news about emotional learning is that you are always “in the laboratory.” Every moment of each day, you experience a steady flow of emotions. At any moment, you can stop to reflect on the emotion you are in or one you just experienced. You can think ahead to your next interaction and decide which emotion or emotions will be most helpful. You can observe your children and be curious about the connection between what they say, what they do, and the emotions they are experiencing. There is a never-ending supply of raw materials. This program will help you understand emotions, how they work, and how to use them as a parenting tool.

Benefit for Your Own Growth as a Parent

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Parents Not Getting Caught

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Address the Top 6 Parenting Challenges by Working With Your Own and Your Child's Emotions

All human beings have emotions, and they determine what we do in life, why do we do certain things, how do we do them, and if we ever do them. This driver allows parents to understand and work directly with the emotions behind their children’s behavior and actions.

benefit 1

Health & Safety

  • The ability to better take care of themselves and generate a healthy lifestyle. 
  • The ability to say no to dangerous acts even under pressure from their peers.
benefit 2

Behavior & Relationships

  • The ability to choose the appropriate behavior no matter the context.
  • The ability to define boundaries and expectations in all their relationships.
benefit 3

Academics & Career

  • The ability to navigate their failures effortlessly and maintain a growth mindset.
  • The ability to empathize with people and innovate in an AI-powered world.

About Dan Newby, PCC

Dan is a best-selling author of 4 books on emotions, a social-emotional learning consultant to U.S. school systems, a certified professional coach with 8500 hours of coaching experience, an international speaker, and a thought-leader in the domain of emotions and emotional literacy.

His work as an emotions-centered coach and the CEO of one of the premier coaching schools in North America helped him become the teacher he is today. Dan’s passion for elevating emotional literacy fuels his writing, teaching, and development of online courses to help people learn the value of emotions and the many ways they enrich our lives.

'Our work with Dan has been instrumental in fostering a culture of trust and stability in our school district. It is because of this learning that we have become a resilient, compassionate organization characterized by understanding each other first, then celebrating our growth and results."

Julie Everly
Superintendent, Michigan, USA

Our satisfied students

Elisa Canova


Dan is an incredible teacher

Dan is an incredible teacher who offers an amazing opportunity for learning and growth, personally and professionally.

Rafael García Monroy


My search for a practical learning program

As a parent, this program has put an end to my long search of a practical and experiential path to developing emotional intelligence.

Mirko Kobiéla


A must for parents

Dan takes to the next level what Daniel Goleman started with emotional intelligence. A must for parents who want to tap into emotions as fuel for action.

Three Levels of Learning and Transformation


Level 1: Understanding Emotions

Helping your child develop emotionally begins with noticing, naming, and normalizing their emotions. In this program, you will gain a thorough understanding of emotions and how they work. You will learn to deconstruct 65 emotions and see their patterns in your interactions with your child. Upon completion, you will have the distinctions to identify your child's emotional barriers and be able to lead conversations to help them shift their emotions as necessary.


Level 2: Practicing Emotions

At this level, we will help you apply the concept of emotional intelligence to your parenting. We have designed a 30-day learning path with daily activities for reflection and practice. There are weekly goals, and you will share your progress with Dan and get his feedback. You will identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Our learning process follows the International Coach Federation's ethical practices.


Level 3: Mastering Emotions

Engaging in 1-ON-1 learning with Dan goes to the heart of who you are, which is what determines how you perform in your relationships. His coaching includes immersive learning to make the theories and models relevant to you individually to gain maximum learning in the shortest time. Dan will clarify your objective, explore all the possibilities imaginable, select a path, design the next steps that will lead to success.


Learn to Use the Principles of Coaching in Your Parenting

The most common methods parents use to guide their children are directing and advising. These work well in some situations but often have limited value. Coaching is a method of learning and a creative process that helps a person eliminate their blind spots and change the way they see the world. Today, coaching is recognized as a powerful method that can transform life.  Coaching is a great addition to your parenting tools, and when combined with other methods, can help you empower your children to maximize their potential. Our Emotions-Centered Coaching Method lets you help your child use their emotions as a tool in shaping their own future.

How Emotions-Centered Coaching  is Different From Traditional Parenting Approaches

Not relying on logic alone to influence your child

Both children and adults do things because they "make sense." Logic, together with emotions, is what adds up to something making sense. Logic alone won't do it, as you've experienced.

Not getting ‘caught’ in your child’s emotions

Because emotions are 'contagious,' parents often get caught up in their child's emotions rather than maintaining their own emotional center. This leads to conversations that don't end well.

Empowering your child to take responsibility for their actions

Our methods are based on the principles of coaching, which put the responsibility to choose actions on the child, which means they will be more committed than if they are told what to do.

Shifting from a carrot-and-stick approach

Both these approaches attempt to change your child's behavior from the outside. What is more powerful and sustainable is developing their inner resources to make commitments and stick to them.

Program Bonuses

We sincerely want you and your family to benefit from this program. We see it as our way of showing our commitment to creating a better world through our children’s emotional growth.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we have included a self-assessment to show where you are now and track your progress at key milestones. You will follow a structured learning path comprised of multiple levels and progress toward deeper emotional literacy by unlocking the levels sequentially.

Printable Resources

Building emotional intelligence is a continuous life-long process. However, we have designed the toolkit for you to fast-track your learning by practicing for just 30 days. This would be a great start for your learning, and you can choose to advance to the next level at your own pace. We will support you throughout your learning journey.

Interactive Scenarios

These interactive scenarios and simulations will walk you through the process of coaching children to help them eliminate their blind spots and take accountability for their behaviors and actions, rather than punishing or forcing them.

We just don't teach you emotions. We will coach you virtually and help you put EI into practice.

We have created a flexible learning path for you to start at an entry-level and progress toward mastery.








  • Lifetime Access
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  • Access to Our Online Course
  • Reflective Activities
  • All Bonus Materials
  • 30-Day Virtual Coaching
  • Address Your Parenting Challenges
  • Goal Setting and Progress Tracking
  • 1 x Live Coaching via Zoom or Skype







  • Lifetime Access
  • Start in 24 hours
  • Access to Online Course
  • Reflective Activities
  • All Bonus Materials
  • 60-Day Virtual Coaching
  • Address Your Parenting Challenges
  • Goal Setting and Progress Tracking
  • 2 x Live Coaching via Zoom or Skype







  • Lifetime Access
  • Start in 24 hours
  • Access to Online Course
  • Reflective Activities
  • All Bonus Materials
  • 90-Day Virtual Coaching
  • Address Your Parenting Challenges
  • Goal Setting and Progress Tracking
  • 3 x Live Coaching Sessions via Zoom or Skype
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100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We look forward to working together to help your children develop their emotional intelligence. You will look back on your decision to join this program as one of the best decisions you ever made for your children. If, for any reason, this program does not meet your expectations, you can reach out to us by email within 14 days to claim a full refund. We make this offer because we deliver exactly what we’ve offered and want you to know you are in safe hands.

Hear What Sheila Pyne From Canada Says About This Program

"I find the more I can name and understand emotions and the way emotions serve us, the easier it is to teach emotional literacy to children. This method makes it easy to understand how to speak with children about emotions using simple explanations and examples of emotions. I appreciated how in the program Dan gives specific examples that are very relevant to home situations.

I cannot say enough for the ongoing learning and insights the emotional growth program has given me and how it has increased my ability to understand children, family, and friends. Every day I become more aware of my own emotions, where I feel them in my body, and increase my ability to name the emotions others are experiencing."



The program will be helpful for parents of newborns up to teenagers because the focus is on developing parents’ emotional literacy first and then helping their children grow emotionally. Children learn emotions by mimicking the people around them, so parents are their primary source of emotional

As a parent, do I need to learn this myself?

Yes, our method requires that parents begin first then impart the knowledge to their children. But you don’t have to know it all. It is highly effective and fun to have the entire family involved and learning together as a group. A child raised by emotionally literate parents will automatically develop this competency even without explicit instruction.

Do I need to sit with children and teach them formally?

You may not be aware that you are always learning emotionally. If you weren’t, you would not have grown emotionally from your level as a baby to what you are today. It would be good to have some formal sessions, but once you begin, emotional learning will spread organically within your family.

Will this help in my personal development?

Yes. All the distinctions you learn from this program can help you in your professional endeavors. Whether you are a teacher, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, pilot, or nurse, emotional literacy is a critical skill that can help you become a better leader and more satisfied human being.

Our Mission is to Make Emotions Common Sense in the World.

Just as children are learning to build linguistic skills through spelling, reading, and writing, they can build their emotional skills by understanding emotions, naming them, and using them advantageously. We offer emotional learning as a facet of educating children, parents, and teachers because they are intertwined, synergistic, and represent the future. The development of Emotional Literacy will allow children to be more successful in every area of their lives. Our programs will help you understand emotions in a new way and learn how to embrace them as a practical tool rather than seeing them as an adversary.

Let's together develop your child's emotional intelligence.

"Twenty years ago, when I started my coaching career, I was emotionally ignorant. One of the biggest Aha moments in my life was realizing how little I understood emotions, my own included. From then on, I started looking for ways to enhance my emotional skills. Failing to find a practical method, I committed myself to create one. My vision is a world where all humans are emotionally literate."

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