Want to Develop Your Leadership Skills?

There are several ideas about leading, leadership and leaders, which are largely based on describing the characteristics of leaders, but what makes our approach different is that it is practice-based and results in a new way of being. This course doesn’t teach just about leadership, rather it helps you develop the habits of effective leadership.

Certificate in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

6-Week Online Course

As a leader, it is your job to generate the emotions or mood, in you and your team, to accomplish the task at hand. Whether you are a corporate executive, entrepreneur, artist, teacher, doctor, lawyer or consultant, this course can help you see the world differently and generate the desired results.

Top 6 Benefits Reported by Our Clients

  1. 1
    Superior Performance at Work
  2. 2
    Better Relationships Everywhere
  3. 3
    Wiser Decisions in Life
  4. 4
    Improved Communication
  5. 5
    Enhanced Resilience and Agility
  6. 6
    Superior Levels of Trust

Learn Anywhere, Anytime at Your Convenience

  • 1-Year Access to Our Virtual Learning Environment
  • 30-Day Virtual Coaching and Progress Tracking
  • Interactive Videos to Learn 67 Emotions
  • Printable Materials
  • Workbook
  • Ebook
  • Discuss Your Specific Parenting Challenges

A Practice-Based Approach to Leadership Development 

Module 1 - Self-Awareness

Learn how to identify and navigate your barriers to learning and generate a higher degree of self-awareness 

Module 2 - Language

Learn to precisely combine the power of language and emotions to get the results you have never envisioned. 

Module 3 - Emotions

Learn to identify and name emotions precisely by deconstructing them into a story, associated impulse and purpose. 

Module 4 - Body

Learn how to listen to your body and its sensations and  use body-dispositions as a tool to identify emotions.

Module 5 - Trust

Learn to build, maintain and repair trust in your relationships by seeing it as a risk assessment tool. 

Module 4 - Being a Leader

Learn how to engage your three centers of intelligence and deliver superior performance through more effective human interactions.

What is Ontological Leadership?

Ontology is the study of the “being,” and it is a powerful tool we use in our coaching and leadership development. Being an ontological leader means you will commit your entire being to your leadership. This means developing your three centers of intelligence and putting them to work for you. The three centers of intelligence are body, emotions, and language and they act in dynamic coherence. If you want to shift your emotions, you need to alter your thinking or speaking. If you shift your emotions, your language, and body will change as well.


Hear What the Participants are Saying About This  Program

“I learned a lot of new things and I am already trying to apply some of these concepts into my daily functions and tasks.”

Maxime Wauters, Belgium

“I now have the additional knowledge to assist me in making decisions, forming opinions and planning conversations.”

Mike Harris, Australia

Learn With Our Emotions Expert, Dan Newby, PCC

Dan is a Professional Certified Coach, teacher, author, and a parent with more than 20 years of experience. He has more than 8500 hours of coaching experience and has taught emotions to thousands of people globally.

His quest for emotional skills development combined with his work as an ontological coach and CEO of one of the premium coaching schools globally helped him move deeper into this territory of learning and become the teacher he is today.

Dan was born in the U.S. and has lived in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. 

Costs: US$ 999/- US$ 799/- Per Participant

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