Want to Improve Your Teen's Emotional Intelligence?

Engage your teen in virtual coaching with Dan Newby, a best-selling author and emotional intelligence coach with 8500 hours of coaching experience working with clients globally.

Your teen's choices are influenced by one or more emotions. Emotional Literacy can help them make better choices that support their goals.

Many choices decisions made during adolescence years are so critical that they have a life-long impact. Whether it is about choosing an area of study, engaging in relationships, assessing risks, or pursuing their dreams, your teen's choices are not purely rational. We can help your teen become more aware of the emotions underlying their choices and navigate those hindering their growth.

Your teen is learning fast every day, and their understanding of the world is evolving. Moreover, the prefrontal cortex of your teen's brain responsible for emotional regulation, is still under development. Many teens get confused about the way they look, talk, or act. This program is a journey of self-discovery, and will help your teen overcome the emotions that are limiting their confidence and performance.

Developing teenagers' emotional competency is the most overlooked area, and mostly they are not formally taught in schools and universities. Emotional Intelligence is essential to succeed in today’s world of Artificial Intelligence. 

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is our capability to recognize our own emotions and those of others, distinguish between different feelings and label them appropriately.
Emotions are a valuable source of information that can guide our thinking and behavior and help us achieve our goals. On the other hand, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a measure of our ability to use logic and information to answer questions, memorize and recall information, analyze data, and make predictions. Both IQ and EQ are essential for your teen to be effective. 

This program offers a safe, non-threatening way to accelerate the integration of emotions into your teen's life.

Let's help your teen connect better with adults. 

A common complaint by teenagers is that adults don’t understand them. Something that makes sense to a teenager may sound totally weird or scary for an adult. A deeper understanding of emotions will help them communicate and resolve such differences with adults effectively.


Eliminating the Barriers to Learning

All teens specific barriers to learning. The problem is that most of them are not aware of them. Your teen will learn to identify and eliminate their barriers and put themselves on a fast track to learning and change.


Self-Care and Caring Others 

Your teen's health & safety is of paramount importance, and their emotions play a profound role in protecting themselves. You teen will learn how to use their EQ as a risk management tool and navigate adversities.


Developing Socially Intelligent Behavior

Your teen will learn how to begin, maintain, and repair their relationships with different types of people, such as their parents, teachers, friends, strangers, and, most importantly, their relationship with themselves.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching For Teens

Building emotional intelligence is a continuous life-long process. However, we have designed this coaching program to put your teen on a fast-track to developing EQ. 

Our virtual microlearning environment and the monthly live calls are great opportunities for your teen to reflect and cultivate new habits collaboratively. This program will teach them how to deconstruct emotions, understand their messages, make choices, and respond to situations more effectively. This program includes micro-learning modules presented daily. Once they understand the models that have been introduced, they will begin to listen to their emotions and observe people around them from the perspective of emotions. They will understand why some people act in ways that do not make sense to them and be able to respond to them in ways that support their personal or professional goals. They will share their progress and weekly learning experiences with their coach and receive feedback and guidance.

We Want to Ensure That Your Teen Has All the Tools They Need to Improve Their Emotional Intelligence!


EQ Coaching for Teens 

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30 Days to Emotional Literacy

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250 Emotions and Their Meaning


Engage Your Teen in Coaching with Dan Newby, a Leading EQ Coach and a Consultant to U.S. School Systems.

About Dan Newby, PCC

Dan is a best-selling author of 4 books on emotions, a social-emotional learning consultant to U.S. school systems, a certified professional coach with 8500 hours of coaching experience, an international speaker, and a thought-leader in the domain of emotions and emotional literacy.

Dan was a Senior Course Leader for Newfield Network for eight years. In those years he led coach training programs in the U.S., Amsterdam and at the University of Calgary. He has worked with several school systems in the U.S., global commercial enterprises and NGOs.

Dan’s passion for elevating emotional literacy fuels his writing, teaching, and development of games to help people learn the value of emotions and the many ways they enrich our lives. His quest for emotional skills development combined with his work as an ontological coach and CEO of one of the premium coaching schools globally helped him move deeper into this territory of learning and become the teacher he is today.

Dan was born in the U.S. and has lived in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Our 3-Step Immersive Learning Process


Step 1: Understanding Emotions

Improving your teen's emotional intelligence begins with noticing, naming, and normalizing their emotions. In this program, teens will gain a thorough understanding of emotions and how they work. They will learn to deconstruct 65 emotions and see their patterns in their interactions with others. Upon completion, they will have the distinctions to identify their emotional barriers and shift their emotions when needed.


Step 2: Reflecting Emotions

We have designed a structured learning path with daily activities for reflection and practice. There are weekly goals, and your teen will share their progress with our coach and get his feedback. They will identify your strengths and areas for improvement. In this program, they are responsible for their learning, while we facilitate the process following the International Coach Federation's ethical standards.


Step 3: Articulating Emotions

One of the ways we can expand our emotional competence is by articulating our emotions. When trying to solve our problems, we seldom talk about the emotions underlying those problems. Most times, we judge emotions as positive or negative or deny the fact that we even have emotions. This program offers a safe and open environment for your teen to express and talk about their emotions without reservations.

Adolescence is a Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions.

Teens are neither children nor adults. During the transitioning from a child to adult, teens experience very intense emotions which may produce behaviors that don't make sense for adults. Emotions are not good or bad and every emotion exists for a purpose. This program will prepare them to experience all emotions without judgment and use them as a source of valuable information to make choices.

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"Twenty years ago, when I started my coaching career, I was emotionally ignorant. One of the biggest A-ha moments in my life was the realization of how little I understood emotions, my own included. From then on, I started looking for ways to enhance my emotional skills. Failing to find a practical method I committed myself to create one. My vision is a world where all humans are emotionally literate and adolescence is the perfect time to nurture these critical skills."