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Are you struggling to regulate, control, or manage your emotions and getting nowhere? Download this free guide to learn the skills you need to navigate your emotions practically.

Learn a structured process to identify and navigate your emotions productively.

Developing emotional navigation skills can help you improve your relationships, career prospects, financial management, well-being, decision-making, responses to events, and resilience to name a few. 

If you are a parent or teacher, you can help your children navigate their emotions.

Many of children's academic, behavioral, and safety-related problems are rooted in emotions and developing their ability to navigate emotions can help solve those problems.

If you are a coach or leader, you can help your coachees and teams navigate their emotions.

Identifying the exact emotions underlying your coachee's or team member's breakdown offers you the possibility to help them resolve the breakdown by navigating those challenging emotions.   

Free Guide to Help You Develop Your Emotional Navigation Skills

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Hi, I'm Dan Newby.

I'm a Professional Certified Coach and an author of 5 books on emotions. I have over 20 years of experience coaching thousands of people worldwide and helping them navigate their emotions.

I have created this guide to share with you the techniques which I use in my coaching. My methods are learning-based and are easy to implement for anyone who is committed to improving their emotional navigation skills.

I hope this guide is useful for you,


Reiner Lomb, USA 

A broad spectrum of emotions easily available to anyone who would like to take a first step towards emotional navigation.

Kim Ebinger, USA

I use these distinctions regularly to expand my emotional range, which leads to a more satisfying life.

Mirko Kobiéla, Germany

A must for anyone who wants to tap into emotions as fuel for action.

Rafael García Monroy, Spain

This has put an end to my long search of a practical and experiential path to emotional navigation.

Iwona Andrews, Poland

Personally, my biggest gain was to understand the stories behind emotions and what message they give me about myself.

Download Free Guide: 3 Steps to Easily Navigate Your Emotions