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Emotionally Intelligent Parenting and Coaching


If you want to help your child grow emotionally, the place to begin is developing your emotional knowledge. Most of us were never formally educated in emotions so what we know we learned from our parents, families, and culture. This program offers a simple, practical approach to enhance your understanding of emotions so that you can help your children grow emotionally.

We have designed this virtual coaching program to allow you to make a significant leap practicing less than an hour a day for 30 days. You will look back on your decision to join this program as one of the best decisions you ever made for your children.


Top 6 Benefits Reported by Our Clients

  1. Health: The ability to better take care of themselves and generate a healthy lifestyle. 
  2. Safety: The ability to say no to dangerous acts even under pressure from their peers.
  3. Behavior: The ability to choose the appropriate behavior no matter the context.
  4. Relationships: The ability to define boundaries and expectations in all their relations.
  5. Academics The ability to navigate their failures effortlessly and maintain a growth mindset.
  6. Career: The ability to empathize with people and innovate in an AI-powered world.

Learn With Our Social-Emotional  Learning Expert, Dan Newby, PCC

Dan is a best-selling author of 4 books on emotions, a social-emotional learning consultant to U.S. school systems, a certified professional coach with 8500 hours of coaching experience, an international speaker, and a thought-leader in the domain of emotions and emotional literacy.

His work as an emotions-centered coach and the CEO of one of the premier coaching schools in North America helped him become the teacher he is today. Dan’s passion for elevating emotional literacy fuels his writing, teaching, and development of online courses to help people learn the value of emotions and the many ways they enrich our lives.